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                      Our company was awarded 1 invention patent
                      Updated:2016.09.07 Source:lyyc Clicks:

                           Our company was awarded 1 invention patent, patent name: "sinking hoist mobile high voltage frequency conversion electric control equipment", patent number: ZL 201410747494 X ", human invention: Zheng Xiaoping, QuShengJie, Gao Zizheng etc. At the same time, and get 2 patents of invention award notice, respectively is: "the double loop mechanism of promoting mine dynamic adjusting device and the braking method", "can prevent slippery mine hoist the constant deceleration braking electro-hydraulic control equipment".

                          Our company since its inception, has always attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation, increasing r&d of new technology and new products, the company technical personnel, difficult to overcome, constantly optimize the structure of the company's products, but also improve the product technology and quality. Bear, luoyang in henan province in recent years such as ministry of science and technology research projects in more than 20, chaired or participated in the national industry standard system revision 3, accumulative total for all 27 of the patent, the patent application, key technology, further enhance the company's mine hoist core technological content of products, such as customer feedback is good, for the company development and industry technology progress play a positive role.


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