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                      BP-NT Series Hoist frequency control system
                      Product Name:BP-NT Series Hoist frequency control system

                      Product No:9133-735
                      Model:JKD/BP-NT JKMK/BP-NT
                      Last update:2018.03.23
                         Product details
                      Products related presentations:

                         BP-NT Series Hoist frequency control system is the source created by the Luoyang Electric Co., Ltd. design and manufacture of advanced patented technology to enhance the exchange of electrical control equipment.(name of a patent for invention: ac mine hoist the rotor frequency conversion system; The invention patent number: ZL201010146331.8;Invention patent name: double closed loop control device of mine mechanism dynamic braking method patent number: ZL 201410748302.7). Perfect four-quadrant operation makes it easy to enhance the exchange of automatic hand-free operation.
                         Concise electronic control system configuration, all-digital network-wide upgrade of the top equipment and specialized software to make professional, security and maintenance-free can be the perfect embodiment.

                      CZT could be supporting a full range of console and a full range of upper KTJC-SW Monitoring

                      Universal Design is everywhere

                      Strong technical support to remove the worries


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